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How to choose your portable band saw blade?

At we offer Portable bandsaw blades from the top leading manufacturers such as MK Morse, Bahco and Qsaw. Of course, if you are keen you’d realize that there are various styles of portable band saw blades available. Whether you want to use it to cut wood or metal, it is always advisable that you choose the right portable band saw blade to get the job done! We’ve prepared a few simple questions that will help you choose the correct portable band saw blade for you.

1. Which is the correct LENGTH of the portable blade?

At we feature compatible saws so you can easily select your blades with confidence. Also, you can always find the length of the blade in the User’s Manual. If you miss it in other brands, you can contact our product specialists or the manufacturer’s customer service department. Always pick a length that will allow you to work efficiently.

2. What is the proper blade WIDTH?

You’ll need to pay closer attention to the width of the portable bandsaw blades since they determine how much your blade will cut. For instance, you may want to choose a blade with a larger width if you intend to cut off or resaw something. This lets you make cuts that are near a straight line or free from jagged sides. Narrower blades are ideal for contour sawing. Portable band saw blades have a standard width of 1/2 inches.

3. What is the correct PITCH or TEETH PER INCH (TPI)?

One rule of thumb: always pick a blade with more TPI for more refined cuts. You should go for blades with high TPI configuration when working with thinner materials that may require less material feed rate through the blade. Blades with low TPI are ideal when working with thicker materials that require a higher feed rate, which is common with most resaw blades. Select your blades on our Teeth per Inch page.

4. Which is the correct blade TOOTH TYPE?

There are three main tooth sets for Portabands: Raker or Mod-Raker, Alternate, and Wavy.

Raker tooth sets consists of one tooth to the left, one to the right and one “unset” tooth in the center. This is a general purpose set good for all types of cutting in both solids and structurals.

Alternate tooth sets are fashioned with one tooth to the left and one to the right throughout the blade. This set is mostly used for fast feed rates in thicker materials where efficiency is valued over finish.

Wavy tooth sets have teeth grouped to the left and to the right separated by one “unset” tooth creating a wavy like appearance. This tooth set is ideal for thinner solids and structural where a fine finish is needed.

Have you decided on the kind of portable band saw blade that you would wish to buy? Take advantage of the best portable band blades we are offering at various lengths and widths.

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